Neelesh Bhalla, Nils Marthiensen


ESG – Sustainability


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Zeppelin University – Schlumberger, OYO, Truebil, Toppr, Berenberg, PwC, HQ Trust, ECM Equity Capital Management

Tool for investors to aggregate ESG data

ESG is a topic of discussion today more than ever. Investors, corporates and governments need insights to make ESG based investment decisions, to mitigate ESG based risk and to design/amend ESG based policy. But, here is the challenge. More often than not, it is hard to find trustworthy information resources that back any claims made in the direction of ESG. And in rare occasions, when we come across any such resource, it turns out that there is a huge bias, heavy false conditioning and hardly any proof-checking available.

However, there is one source we think can revolutionise the game. We believe that satellite data can build a narrative around whatever is happening across our planet. Whether it is pollution by any entity, or tree-plantation an entity pledges to indulge in, satellites know the truths behind it all. Claims of decreasing pollution or having net zero environmental impact can be confirmed or falsified using our premium analytics on data obtained from satellites. No production facility can hide from satellites. For this reason, we use satellite data and we cultivate custom analytics, dashboards, reports and consultation for our clients to help them quantify the impact of their ESG projects. In order to do this we collaborate with public and private satellite operators for setting up premium vetted data pipelines for us. We also access open-source space data.

So, if you are an investor set to make an investment in an ESG positive entity, or if you are a corporate in position to acquire (or merge with) another ESG positive entity, or if you are a government organisation seeking consultation around the enforcement of ESG policies in place (or designing new ones), come say hi to us at StatElite. We are on a mission to elevate global ESG projects!