Suman Pal, Arjun Datta, Mohammed Safiulla Dadabai


Smart Robotics


Frankfurt School, TU Darmstadt. Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics

No-code robot programming software based on hand gesture tracking that enables any user to program industrial robots in just a few minutes.

Telekinesis enables manufacturing companies to automate production with industrial robots by reducing 70% of the robot lifetime cost and speeding up deployment by 10-fold by empowering non-experts to program any industrial robots with its no-code hand gesture-based robot programming software.

Industrial robot programming is complex as each robot manufacturer provides custom software. Consequently, automation is expensive due to the high cost of robot programming and the necessity of robotics experts. Our No-code robot programming software is applicable for all industrial robots and can empower in-house employees, with no robotics expertise, to program industrial robots. Currently, industrial robots are mainly used for repetitive tasks and high-volume tasks.

Telekinesis has developed a novel no-code robot programming technology called Visual Robot Programming that enables real-time gesture-based robot control: the user demonstrates the desired motion using hand gestures and the industrial robot tracks and imitates an identical motion in real-time. Our solution can provide flexible automation enabling industrial robots to be easily and quickly reprogrammed to perform other tasks. We enable automation of production in areas other than repetitive tasks and high-volume tasks, such as the following scenarios:

  1. low-volume production batches,
  2. high product variations, and
  3. frequent changeovers or production-line changes.