Blue Chip Future Fund


Peter Schweigerer, Michael Hinterreiter, Palesa Mathang


Non-Profit, Education


Frankfurt School, NYU Stern, Tshwane University of Tech, BOKU Vienna – FT Partners, Emil Capital Partners, Corecam Capital Partners, Hoërskool Birchleigh, Levego, ClimatePartner, Collective Energy

Forming a generation of leaders capable of driving systemic change in South Africa through cultural exchange and education.

Blue Chip Future Fund (BCFF) is a young education-focused non-profit organization, founded in Austria and operating in South Africa.
The core of our organization consists of providing access to top-notch high school education for outstanding children from underserved communities, living below the poverty line. What sets us apart are our cross-cultural mentoring program and our proprietary curriculum called Personal Development Journeys (PDJs). These initiatives allow us to foster cultural exchange and address gaps in the educational framework while promoting skills such as critical thinking. Beyond that, we challenge the status quo and partner with established NGOs to leverage decades of expertise and identify areas ready for innovation.

The vision centers around building an organization with the ethos of an investment fund, one that “invests in people” to nurture future “Blue Chips”. Our aim is to create a brand that celebrates South Africa’s incredible potential and beauty, shifting the focus away from its challenges. Participants should take pride in earning their spot because of their hard work and potential, instead of what they (don’t) have. Ultimately, BCFF’s goal is to craft an entirely new brand narrative – one that emphasizes positive impact and redefines the concept of giving.