June 2024

Phase One

Mentor marathon with industry experts to collect feedback and validate your ideas. Includes workshops, mentor assignments and feedback sessions.

Phase Two

Building phase. Implementation of a strategic plan followed strictly with KPIs. The key objective at this stage is to optimize your product market-fit.

Phase Three

Fundraising preparation and getting ready for pitching. You’ll prepare an investor pitch deck and participate in pitch training.

Demo Day

The finale of the accelerator.  Selected startups pitch in front of investors, the FS community, and a panel of VCs.

Our accelerator is a six-to-eight week programme built to deliver full-time support.  Over the course of the Winter and Summer breaks, selected startups will be exposed to the network of coaches, investors, and resources at the disposal of the Entrepreneurship Centre.  Each week, or phase, focuses on a different aspect of building your startup: you will ideate, participate in workshops, have time to work, participate in pitch training, and finally contend to pitch at the FSEC Demo Day.

The main task of the accelerator is to transform a year of work into a matter of weeks. It is an equity-free intensive programme for the FS community to launch their new ventures. The programme runs twice a year and culminates in a Demo Day for investors at the end of the final week. The programme is divided into three phases. 

By applying to the accelerator program, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.