Jason Jacobs, Andrea Keidel, Timo Biesenbach, Linn Buchmann


Corporate Well-being

FS Studies

Executive MBA

A digital solution that energises employee
well-being with short-duration dance sessions

The Idea:

DanceBreak’s principle-based, contemporary approach to movement effectively increases energy and motivation, relieves stress and tension, and improves focus and morale in as little as five minutes, leading to greater productivity and joy at work.

The Problem:

People need to move. As more people are confined to long hours at a desk in front of a computer, the need to encourage physical activity during the workday becomes increasingly important.  Professionals whose work is performed primarily in a sitting position suffer both physically and mentally due to lack of movement. The negative consequences of sedentary behaviour have been compounded by the pandemic and the resulting new ways of work, with an increased work-from-home setting. This creates problems as businesses struggle to keep their employees connected and engaged with each other, their goals, and company culture. DanceBreak offers movement sessions that impact health and well-being in a uniquely innovative and energising way.

The solution:

Our solution consists of easily accessible, short duration dance movement sessions available from our website,, and a companion app. Our two-pillar solution includes DanceBreak On-Demand – a digital library of pre-recorded, theme-specific videos; and DanceBreak-Live – live-streamed movement sessions facilitated by professional dance artists. The value of DanceBreak is evident in the joy and fun of movement, our easily accessible delivery formats, customisation of our product to match and support diverse company cultures, and the proven effectiveness of our product.

How did it start:

DanceBreak began when our Executive MBA program director noticed that our cohort was lacking energy and motivation during online Zoom seminars throughout the pandemic lockdown in the winter of 2021. Aware of my background as a dancer, he asked if I would offer a dance warm-up to help lift the group’s energy and morale. The format, originally called Executive Moves, resonated with the EMBA students encouraging our team to investigate and pursue the potential of providing dance movement interventions to a business target group. We’ve discovered that everybody can dance and benefit from the joy of movement.

Check out our selection of free movement sessions on our website,, and contact us at to book a custom live dance movement session for your team. Experience the fun, energy, and connection of DanceBreak.