Pierre Stoll, Simon Molitor


Web 3.0

Frankfurt School, Bocconi, American University of Dubai, Philipps Universität – Aescuvest, Blockchain Founders Group, Conversion Factory

Empowering internet user to build immutable reputation.

Simon worked in a venture capital fund for more than 2 years. Before that he ran is own business in the health & fitness industry. He studies at Frankfurt School where he currently also leads the Venture Capital student initiative. Pierre has found his own performance marketing agency at the age of 21 and generated far over 1M EUR in revenue for his clients since then.
Title (the startup in one sentence): is closing the gap between full privacy and verifiable trustworthiness for digital entities by building irreversible reputation scores.
In web3 you are just a wallet address – the beauty is you can interact with others with full privacy. The downside: there is no way you can leverage having a good reputation as an individual. There must be a better way! DSID is paving that way by helping you to build a non-transferrable digital identity based on good behavior in the internet that will open up new doors to web3. We first identified the problem by looking at current loan-models in decentralized finance (DeFi) where you need to put up a big collateral to get a small loan – with a verified, good reputation, undercollateralized loans in DeFi are no dream anymore.