Jan Lettow, Dr. Micheal Heuer




Jan Lettow: Frankfurt School & Warwick Business School – Deutsche Bank, EY Parthenon, Barclays

Dr. Michael Heuer: Hamburg University of Technology – DESY, etherforce, vilisto

Marketplace for paying in instalments at the Point of Sale

Fintico is an Embedded Lending Marketplace – the CHECK24 for instalment loans at the Point of Sale. We offer online shoppers a transparent choice of banks and interest rates to finance their purchase in a best possible way.

Our marketplace is embedded as a new payment method in the checkout of online merchants. Shoppers are able to receive offers to finance a purchase and finalize it with just 3 data points and 3 steps.

We believe we can make embedded lending much better than it is today through our marketplace: With lower interest rates and more trustworthy brands to finance a purchase. Merchants offering Fintico benefit from this through higher conversion rates and banks love our marketplace as it offers scale across many merchants.