green account


Trutz von der Trenck, Max von Sandrart, Johann Meyer zu Bentrup




Frankfurt School, University of Berkeley, RWTH Aachen University, FOM University of Economics & Management, Georg-August-University Göttingen – Bertelsmann, Deutsche Post Adress, FTI Consulting, Bundeswehr, Algenium

We are building Europe’s nature trading platform to ensure transparent, standardized and secure investments in nature and biodiversity.

With green account, we are building Europe’s nature trading platform on which companies can invest in nature and biodiversity – the commodities of the future. Within the framework of ESG and CSRD, we will enable companies to fulfil their sustainability requirements – in Germany, locally and on their own doorstep. Our projects currently include the enhancement of natural areas through the planting of hedges and orchards, reforestation and the rewetting of moors.

The aim is to create ecologically valuable and biodiverse biotopes. As a guarantee for investing companies, all our projects are secured by ecopoints, a German value unit based on the Federal Nature Conservation Law. This enables us to guarantee that our projects will last for decades and have a real impact on nature. is the first use case for this kind of nature transaction, with which we are revolutionising the compensation process throughout Germany by providing landowners such as farmers and foresters as well as those responsible for interventions in nature with a place where they can quickly and transparently offer, search for, reserve and trade compensation measures.