Frank Peter Balz, Felix Balz, Markus Hammerschmidt


Real Estate

FS Studies

MS Master of Finance

Data driven matchmaking for off-market real estate

hamba is a data driven broker for bulk investments in off-market real estate. Through our systematic and rule-based approach, we channel investment opportunities to a matched group of investors. The required data is collected from publicly available sources and constantly refined with the responsible personnel of the investors. We concentrate our efforts primarily, but not exclusively, on residential turnkey and forward deals and begin to provide our support early on in the life cycle of projects.

More than 90% of investment opportunities received by professional real estate investors do not meet their criteria. This is in part a consequence of poor prescreening of property sellers and their agents. This is further exacerbated by outdated or unprecise investment profiles of investors. On the flip side, real estate developers have either no access to large scale investors or to a limited number of partners they previously worked with. While the latter benefits them with speed and a certain level of security it may require them to vendor their projects at discount that would otherwise be not required. hamba alleviates these issues by providing real estate developers with access to an enlarged universe of professional investors, while offering these investors real estate actually relevant to them given their current investment strategy.

Combining our experience in finance, data science and sales we offer a solution that matches data with the people driven aspects of real estate. As lateral newcomers to the industry we held countless pitches and meetings with different developers and investors to expand our understanding and refine our approach. Yet, we still have a long way to go and many people to meet that are multiple times more experienced. Aware of the journey ahead of us, we are looking forward to every new contact we make and every interesting conversation that will come.