Founders of HoKa Inergy

Hoka Inergy


Nadine Kammerlander, Friedrich Kammerlander, Willibald Holzapfel, Tobias Holzapfel



FS Studies

Executive MBA

Process, Agility, Digitalisation and Sustainability Consultancy

We as a team want to help other companies to improve their processes. We do this by consulting, teaching and coaching.

Not only do we want to help them doing the right things (effectiveness) but also doing the things right (efficiency).

We help companies to improve their processes in several ways: Looking and improving processes, no matter if they are general-, development-, production-, or IT-processes.

After process improvements, we help our customers to digitalise the processes. Combined, we have knowledge of strategy consulting, development and production (especially automotive) and IT (especially Agile Methodologies) and thus are able to cover many areas of our customers.

Some of us have been playing with the thought of funding an own company for a while. Willibald had the possibility of an early retirement at his last job, but still wanted to be active and Friedrich also was looking for new opportunities, so after several talks and seeing how our expertise complements each other we agreed to join forces. Nadine, who is a professor for family firms in her main job, has been doing workshops and consulting on the side already, but with our new company and more people to share this, she is now able to take on bigger projects. Tobias founded with us and helps us with strategy and internal projects, but is still active in his former job.