Annika Vrbsky & Jordi Müller


Information Technology

FS Studies

Bachelor in Business Administration focus on International Management
Bachelor of Science – BS. Business Administration

No-Code Tool for companies to create engaging 3D worlds

In such a crowded and noisy world, how can a brand stand out?Breaking through the noise is difficult given the amount of brands out there. But building trust and actually interacting with your customers is even harder, not to mention improving your conversions, which is not only super expensive but also incredibly time consuming!

That’s why we are developing homest3ad, a DIY tool to transform 2D websites into 3D without any coding. Your 3D website will allow you to increase your traffic, have more interaction with customers, improve your conversions by around 40% and reach a higher brand awareness – to help you to acquire more customers in the first place and then retain them for much much longer.

We’re currently looking for passionate people to join us in transforming 2D into 3D. So, if you’d like to learn more or have any feedback, please get in touch!