The inga. team



Daniel Hofinger & Corinna Haas & Kim Körber


Human Resources

FS Studies

Bachelor of Science – Digital Business

Finding fitting talents using recruiting-chatbots

Recruiting skilled workers has been difficult, especially for SME/ Hidden Champions or any company without a strong employer brand.
inga. creates tailored recruiting campaigns via Facebook and Instagram under their own brand, „Dein Traumberuf“, with the help of machine learning. A chatbot then informs the talent about the task, the potential new employer and conducts a short qualifying interview so that no CV is needed, yet the clients have all the information they need. Via an easy ATS (Applicant Tracking System), clients can then reach out to the talents to arrange interviews. The inga. solution works very well for the areas of production, logistics, sales, customer service, and technical services but also the health sector and developers/IT – and yes, it works for white-collar too, not just blue-collar!

How and why did it start? The four problems have been obvious for many years, not just to inga.’s founders.
1. Recruiters do not have enough time for humans, even though they work in human resources. So why not use automation to free up time for qualitative HR work?
2. Small enterprises often lack recruiting resources and social media expertise but have full order books and not enough skilled workers. So why not offer outsourced social media and recruiting expertise?
3. Blue-collar workers often are highly skilled experts in their field but might not be able to express it nicely in a CV – and why should they, if they work with machines or humans and do not sit in from of a computer all day? So why not find an alternative for a CV and even offer additional information relevant to filling a vacancy? Maybe a chatbot could work?
4. Skilled workers are usually already employed as there are just too few. They do not have LinkedIn or XING profiles and are not looking actively for a job on job boards like Stepstone, Monster or Indeed. And they will most definitely not find their way to your career website if you are a Hidden Champion. Thus go where they spend time and make them an offer for a job alternative on Facebook and Instagram and let them choose. Make them feel worthy.

inga. has started first as a side project of the three original founders in 2017, the Inga GmbH was founded in 2019. Since November 2019, Daniel Hofinger has joined the founders team and has accelerated the growth regarding the level of automation, the revenue stream and the number of clients.