Matthias Hippe, Tom Godbersen

Frankfurt School, Universität der Künste Berlin, Serial Entrepreneurs in IT, Marketing, Health and Creative Industry

MEDICEO is transforming the accessibility of complicated knowledge for special medical procedures

Do you know off the top of your head which dosage to choose for an 8.6kg child with malignant hyperthermia in a type 2 allergic reaction?

In the stressful daily routine of the medical profession, research is time-consuming – with MEDICEO, you can obtain a guideline-based treatment recommendation in just a few seconds.

With MEDICEO, you can answer all these questions with a few clicks on our app and thus carry out a safe, guideline-compliant treatment without having to do complicated research first. But hey, you must be pretty interested in MEDICEO when you´re still reading this. You´re just one click away to get the full experience at see you there 🙂