Florian Räuber, Michael Golth, Robert Huber




Frankfurt School, Vienna University of Economics & Business – BCG, Peak Pride, Adesso, Y42, Austrian Federal Computing Center,, GroupM

We leverage AI to find the best-fitting learning content for each intermediate language learner based on their interests and the words they already know.

mylingua is a mobile application offering the best-fitting content for individual language learners based on the words they already know. We bridge the gap between structured learning platforms and real-world content comprehension by automatically aggregating web content and using AI to recommend pieces that match the individual vocabulary profiles and personal interests of intermediate and advanced language learners.

Imagine a Chinese language learner who has mastered the basics on a platform like Duolingo but is not able to consume content on the web yet. We identify her proficiency level, she tells us her favorite topics and we introduce her to real-world articles understandable with her individual vocabulary. As she reads pieces in our intuitive interface, she learns new words from context and marks words she already knows or wants to learn next. Every user input feeds our suggestion AI and helps us refine further recommendations.

For language learners, we offer:

1. Source of comprehensible input: We are advocates of learning through immersion because language acquisition is known to be most effective when learners consume content that is mostly understandable with their individual vocabulary.

2. Motivation: By reading authentic content on topics learners are genuinely interested in, they remain engaged and motivated.

3. The right challenge: Texts include enough new words so users can learn from the context of a text in a real-world setting.