Niccolò Senni von Wunster, Jacopo Zenoni, Ayush Goel, Emilio Bonalumi, Ladislas Le Bigot, Charles Prevost, Corentin Bas



Frankfurt School – Toyota Group

The healthy and fair social network for people who love real life.

On the user side, wasting time, messy content and keeping connections alive are the three key pain point we identified in people’s struggling relationship with social media. On the creator side there is a big disappointment on how platforms barely recognise value for the content they produce.

Unhealthy on the user side, and unfair on the creator side.

Posto is the perfect mix of features that allow the user to better manage their social media experience, to view high quality content and to finally take control over their attention. The first platform ever to introduce a universal time limit for all its users to show how we actually care about our users’ quality of life instead of building a more sophisticated algorithm to catch people’s attention even longer. We want to flip the idea that social media is unhealthy.

We also recognise the value brought by creators. They are part of our success and vice versa.