The founders of Roover



Robin Reuschel & Oliver Breucker


Strategic Management Consulting

FS Studies

Bachelor of Science – Business Administration

Strategic Consulting for the Metaverse

Roover is a boutique strategy consultancy specialised on Metaverse, NFTs and Crypto. The Metaverse is the greatest opportunity since the internet.  Roover develops strategies to optimally position companies in the Metaverse so they can take full advantage of the next wave of digitalisation.

Germany is – once again – on the edge of missing the next wave of digitalisation. The Web3 and corresponding metaverse technologies are here to revolutionise much of the known world and will enable new business models to enhance or even replace existing ones. We started Roover to help companies take on this challenge and turn it into an opportunity by acting early, concisely and wisely. We believe that being the change is always better than reacting to it.

Our mission is to position companies, esp. in Germany, as leading drivers in the currently developing market of the metaverse. How do we achieve this? As a strategic consultancy, we provide guidance by creating knowledge on these complex technologies, analyse the impact of this disruptive market on existing markets, and identify potential new business models.

We provide the necessary knowledge and technical fundamentals around blockchain, NFTs and tokenisation. In doing so, we create awareness in management for digital merchandise and innovative marketing channels in the metaverse

We use our proven analysis model to examine the benefits and risks of a potential move into the metaverse.

Here we analyse, among other things, the technical and organisational prerequisites (e.g. corporate competencies) as well as the financial success and risk potential.

Together with your company, we develop a coherent concept of how to approach the metaverse in the long term. In doing so, we identify potential business models for you.

Instead of the common shortsightedness and the urge to jump on every “hype train”, we build a holistic strategy for your company to position it correctly in the metaverse.