Rishab Gourisaria & Leopold List



FS Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Banking and Finance)
Bachelor of Science – Business Administration

Transforming digital education
with efficient learning journeys

Our team has had first-hand experience with the current education system. With the rise of the pandemic, numerous students were left vulnerable to their future in the current system. After extensive research and talks with 50+ schools in Europe, the SplendEd concept is pivoted towards psychological and research-based digital education to develop efficient and effective student learning journeys.

SplendEd’s E-learning platform will shape the future of learning, where students can prepare for the future by breaking bad habits and improving time efficiencies. SplendEd focuses on enhancing the education triangle; students gain access to personalised study sessions with how to learn techniques, teachers get precise data on student’s learning to intervene at the right point the time, and parents get frequent insights on their child’s goals and progress for goals set by the students.

Currently, we are at the MVP stage with a few partnerships with schools to shape the future of digital education with SplendEd. Get in touch with us to find out more and support us on our journey!