Julius Gerhard & Masih Sediquian

IT Security

Frankfurt School, Esade, Hochschule Darmstadt, multiple stations in banking & start-ups, Agor Legal

Leveraging software to implement IT security systems in organizations

TrustSpace is on a mission to bring back trust into business relationships.

Cyberattacks are on an all-time high. The damage to the German economy alone doubled from 2019 to 2020 to more than €220bn, SME are increasingly targeted and corporates demand the fulfilment of strict compliance requirements from their vendors. At the same time the access to professional and holistic IT security services is very limited due to high cost and strongly fragmented markets.

TrustSpace develops a software that enables organizations to implement a customized IT security system. Customers benefit from the modular structure of the platform, which allows both, individual cybersecurity features to be rolled out and holistic ISO 27001-compliant security systems to be implemented.