Alexander Fritsch & Kay Simon


German construction industry (SAAS – Software As A Service)

FS Studies

Bachelor of Science – International Management
Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Finance (BBA)

Software automating and digitizing processes of the construction industry

Werkules was born from the idea of fundamentally changing the construction industry. We spent the past two years shaping it into a promising concept and developing a product. Now it’s time to unleash its full potential and make it what it should always be:

The most innovative management software for the construction industry, which can effortlessly handle even the toughest of projects, combine the strongest elements of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management and other useful components and all that with the most intuitive and simplest handling one can think of.
WERKULES is THE digital tool for the construction sites of tomorrow.
Noticeable through comprehension, cooperation, gumption and drive we revolutionise the processes of the construction industry.

So that time really turns into money and satisfaction.