Florian Deißler, Ole Möller, Egon Schomann


Sustainability, Energy, Construction


Frankfurt School, Bocconi, HEC Montreal, University of Rostock, TU Berlin – Allianz Consulting, Goldbeck, BB-Projekt Gruppe, Formula Student Team

We expedite the construction of scalable solar carports and infrastructure with a patent-pending-system

Yumoso, a startup based in northern Germany, is rewriting the rules of construction. With a groundbreaking and patent pending quick-build system, we’re transforming the way solar carports and infrastructure are constructed, setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability.

Our story is one of innovation and problem-solving. We recognized a critical issue in the construction industry – a shortage of skilled workers. Yumoso was born from the desire to tackle this challenge head-on. Our quick-build system not only addresses the labor shortage but does so in record time. We’ve streamlined the construction process to take just 2-3 hours on-site, a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

But our impact goes beyond speed. Yumoso’s solution is environmentally friendly, generating clean energy on-site. We’re reducing the carbon footprint by providing sustainable power for both businesses and electric vehicles, making them truly emissions-free. This is not just construction; it’s a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

What makes Yumoso truly awesome is our ability to turn underutilized spaces into cash-generating assets. We’re taking idle spaces and transforming them into sources of revenue, all while contributing to a cleaner planet. Yumoso is about efficiency, innovation, and solving real-world problems. We’re building a brighter future by improving infrastructure through on-site electricity generation, directly benefiting cars and buildings.