Tony Oehm, Hannes Steinle, Marcel Kuhs


Climate Tech


Frankfurt School, Harvard, TU Braunschweig – McKinsey

CO₂ footprint calculation & carbon capture.

ZeroEx focuses on developing solutions to tackle the most urgent challenge of our time: climate change.

We are a one-stop solution for carbon metrics and high-value carbon removal credits.

We provide businesses an open-data CO₂ calculator to transparently quantify emissions. This platform allows users to combine existing calculators and data in a modular way, making it easier to create customized carbon footprint calculations.

Our carbon capture projects achieve long-term removal of atmospheric CO₂. To do so, we focus on Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW). ERW is a natural process that captures CO₂ from the atmosphere and stores it on a long-term basis. At ZeroEx, our goal is to use ERW on a larger scale to slow down climate change and make a positive impact on our planet.

Together, we are working for a greener future.